I LOVE WES is an exquisite collection aimed at a nostalgic and irreverent woman, like every female character in Wes Anderson’s filmography, whose dazzling aesthetic is our inspiration for Autumn-Winter 2017/18. Judy, the protagonist of the collection is as eccentric as Margot Tenenbaum, has the boldness of Agatha, the sweetness of Miss Cross, the intelligence of Suzy Bishop and the je ne sais quoi of the unknown name protagonist of Hotel Chevalier.

The collection takes us into an imaginary world, of an impeccable artificiality, which is both hypnotic and magical. We are in one of the symmetrical Andersonian chapters, suspended on a snowy track as perfectly clean as unreal. In it the most ethereal brides parade along with the most delicious prêt-à-couture in an idyllic setting. Yellow and white coats that prepare us for the cold winter of Lutz, tailors of velvet and silk to undertake The Darjeeling Limited trip, dresses and blouses of cut lady and buttons of military aesthetic.

Brides are intermingled integrated into the collection, delicate, sophisticated, special, subtle and with much allure.

Judy, of delicate tastes, loves silk in all its versions: georgette, crepe, tulle, organza, shantung, velvet … And she dreams of tulle illusion and floral applications hand embroidered paillettes and Swarovski crystals. The print created for the collection has a creamy background Courtesan au chocolat de Mendl’s, with a shower of yellow, black and white confetti and some pine cones of the fir from Zubrowka Republic.

The perfection of the white is only broken by a few strokes of yellow, beige and black in small doses.