BALI, the proposal of CRISTINA PIÑA for the summer of 2020, takes us to the enigmatic island of the gods to live a calm summer with a mystical aura.

The exuberant nature of the island, the rice fields, the magnetism of the volcanoes, the water and the temples surround us and envelop us. The sound of a gamelan is heard and a multitude of elegantly attired Balinese rush past with their mountains of fruit, tassel parasols and a pair of furry and masked barongs. The procession vanishes as it arises and leaves behind a flash of gold and white silk, and hibiscus petals.

And then Luh, a legong dancer, our muse, appears. She has dedicated her entire life to learning the minute movements that flow from her body with hypnotic elegance, from eye to foot, while telling stories steeped in Hindu beliefs and traditions.

Yellow and green are present throughout the collection. Pure white, naif print of Balinese everyday scenes and boiler red.