CRISTINA PIÑA invites us to travel to LA ISLA, her collection for Autumn-Winter 2018/19, magical, directed to a magnetic and captivating woman, like the aquatic landscape that surrounds us.

Mauren, lives in our blue paradise, halfway between Seabed and white sand with huge shells. It has marine roots and a silvery look like the sea that surrounds her.

She looks ahead, the breeze moves her hair and the atmosphere tastes like salt. The sea is a bright color and the sun sparkles on the waves causing the gleams to blind her.

She enters slowly into the sea. The water is at that point just refreshing but not cold. She submerges, and while diving, sees the sunlight pierce the waves to make the underwater life of LA ISLA even more magical. Little by little, she notes how a shining current envelops her as she continues to dive into the deepest blue surrounded by small fascinating creatures.

In this dreamlike atmosphere we discover a perfect harmony between the most seductive prêt-à-couture and the brides that walk subtle, elegant and delicate.

Mauren dresses georgette, muslin, crepe, tulle and silk velvet, likes to dress with mohair and feathers, and adornes herself with valencienne lace. She wears wears handmade oceanic embroideries with paillettes, pearls and Swarovski crystals that reflect the underwater life, like the print created for the collection.

The color palette recreates the journey from white sand to the deepest ocean, finding us with some intense coral brushwork.