FERRUM ET FLORA, CRISTINA PIÑA’s proposal for the Fall-Winter 2019/20 is the most fragile version of the Madrid castizo and a declaration of love to the city from a different prism than usual. It is a dazzling winter seen from inside the Palacio de Cristal, the most magical building in Madrid in 1887. A botanical dream overflowing with exotic Filipino flora and crystal reflections.

The sparkling light of Madrid’s winter seeps through the crystals giving rise to an atmosphere of illusion where Violeta, Madrid, florist and flower lover appear. She likes humming zarzuelas while walking through the lush flora of the palace that keeps her groggy every day. Symphony of birds and insects that flutter between the plants.

Violet wears pieces full of geometric details and sparkling applications dotted with polka dots, carnation prints and embroidery that remind us of Manila shawls. His favorite textures are georgette, muslin, crepe, organza, tulle, batista and silk velvet.

The color palette walks between the exotic of deep green or manila pink and the typical of caramel violet, crystalline white or spicy pink.