THE SWIMMER is a fresh and sleek collection designed by Cristina Piña for Spring-Summer 2016.

In the inspiration of the collection take the center stage the figure of Eleanor Holm, a New York Olympic swimmer in the 30s who evolved her career becoming an actress and socialite and the photographs from Horst and George Hoyningen-Huene in which they recreate the delicate aesthetic of the swimmers of their era.

Once again, the collection has a unique pattern on this occasion from the watercolors of the designer, printed on silk twill. The other pattern, in black and white stripes, is characteristic of the iconic garment of the collection: the swimsuit.

The resounding tones of the clothes contrast with the minimalist aesthetic of the proposal drizzled with hand-embroidered in Swarovski and silver accents.

The textures, that evolve from the lighter, such as silk to the heaviest such as leather including also cotton and neoprene, give life to dresses and skirts mini, midi and maxi, trench coats and tops that complete the wardrobe for this season.

The only way that breaks the geometry of patterns and prints are the ruffles, which provide a romantic halo symbolizing the movement of water that surrounds the swimmers.